Monday, May 25, 2009

A Dog House

Dog Kennels More than A Home for Your Dog

Dog kennels can be really handy for many pet owners as they provide a safe haven for your pampered pooch. There are many reasons why pet owners decide to have a kennel for their dog and these include:

* If the house isn''t big enough to keep a dog in but the owner has a big garden

Sometimes people want a dog but their house just isn''t big enough to keep one in. If they have a big enough garden, a dog kennel can be a really good idea.

* To keep the dog in whilst strangers visit the home

Not all dogs are friendly, and even if they are they can be unpredictable around strangers. This means that a dog kennel can come in really handy if repairs ever have to be done to your home and a professional has to visit the house.

* To keep the dog in at night

Dogs can sometimes play up at night and so it is sometimes better to keep them in a kennel. That way a dog can whine, mark it''s territory, and go to the toilet whenever it wants to, depending on whether the kennel has a run attached to it or not. Some people just prefer to keep their dog in a kennel overnight, because they don''t want to risk the dog misbehaving whilst they are not there to supervise them.

* To leave the dog in whilst the owners are away

If a dog owner wants to go out during the day and they do not want to take their dog with them, but they also don''t want to leave it alone in the house, a dog kennel may be the perfect answer. They provide a secure, safe place for the dog and the owners mind is at ease until they get back home.

Finding the Right One for Your Dog

Whilst kennels can and do make good temporary or permanent homes for your dog, you have to make sure that you provide the dog with plenty of space within the kennel. The best ones to invest in are ones with runs attached to them and generally the rule is always ''the bigger the better''.

Obviously you would not expect your dog to live in something that was uncomfortable for them to be in. For example, you would not put a Rottweiler in a kennel that was designed for a Chihuahua. It simply wouldn''t be kind to the animal and it more than likely wouldn''t fit in it. So always provide the dog with the right sized kennel and ask an expert if you need to!

Overall, a kennel can be a great asset to all dog owners providing that they are the right size and that they get plenty of exercise out of the kennel.

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