Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Your Dog Oftenly Begging Food From the Table?

How To Deal With Your Dog Begging Food From the Table?

To avoid this problem, you must show your dog what is expected for him to behave.

To do so:

1st week of training

  • Set up a spot near the dinner area for your dog
  • Bring the dog to this spot several times a day but NOT during meal times
  • Once at the spot, safely leash him there
  • Give him a toy to play and chew
  • Praise him when he stays calmly at the spot, playing/chewing with his toy

2nd week of training

  • Repeat the same training as in the 1st week but this time, be seated at the table with members of the family
  • This is to let your dog to get used to this
  • Do NOT carry out this training during meal times

3rd week of training

  • Repeat the training during meal times
  • By this time, your dog should remain calmly at the spot playing and chewing his toy while you and your family members are having your meal

After the 3rd week of training

  • If your dog starts to whine or barks when leashed during your meal time, ignore his action. Normally he will stop after awhile as he is not getting any response or attention from his action
  • If the whinning or barking persists, quietly walk to him, making sure not to have any contact with the dog, take him out to the backyard.
  • Go back to dinning room to finish off the meal
  • Totally ignore the action if the dog continues to bark or whine in the backyard

With patience, consistency and proper technique, your dog can be trained to restrain from begging food from the table even when he is off leased.

And remember to praise your dog abundantly when he does the right thing!

You Can Do It!

Kum Chee
A Happy Dog Lover and Owner

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