Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is Your Dog Jumping On Furniture?

How To Deal With Your Dog Jumping On Furniture?

This is a common problem and the method of dealing with this behaviour is very similar to that of jumping and stealing food from the counters.

Three approaches are used:

  • Consistency
  1. Your dog should never be allowed to jump on the furniture
  • Counter-conditioning
  1. Create a spot for your spot near your furniture (couch), which can be a blanket or doggie bed.
  2. Put his favourite toys or special treats at the spot
  3. For the first two months, whenever you sit at your furniture, leash him to the spot to avoid him from wondering off
  4. After two months, walk your dog (on leash) to the furniture.
  5. When he does not jump up to the furniture, praise and reward him.
  6. If he jumps up to the furniture, immediately say ‘No’ and pull him away from the furniture
Repeat this exercise several times a day.

  • Correction

  1. By the fourth month, your dog should learn not to jump on the furniture
If he still persists in this behaviour, it’s time to apply the booby trap to correct the behaviour:

i. Put a motion-sensitive sound alarm near the furniture so that alarm will trigger and sound when your dog jumps onto the furniture

ii . Make sure the alarm does not sound when he is near the furniture; only when he jumps onto the furniture

iii. Bring your dog near to the furniture and leave the room immediately

iv. If he jumps onto the furniture, alarm will sound and you should return to the room immediately and say ‘No’ to him followed by pulling him on his leash away from the furniture

    1. If your dog is not deterred by this booby trap, it’s time to put a Scat Mat on the furniture. This device will send out a very small electrical shock upon touching it. No dog will want to repeat this behaviour after experiencing such an unpleasant zap. Rest assured that the electrical shock experience is harmless to both human and animal.

And remember to praise your dog abundantly when he does the right thing!

You Can Do It!

Kum Chee
A Happy Dog Lover and Owner

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