Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dog's House?

Behaviour in the House?

Imagine this scenario:

Your dog has been in the backyard for awhile. The moment he is allowed to get into the house, immediately he becomes uncontrollable and dashes about in the house. As a result, you chase him around the house and brought back to the backyard. To avoid the situation from happening again, you leave your dog longer in the backyard, which actually frustrates him further. The next time you let him into the house, he gets even more excited and dashes about in the house more madly.

To train your dog to be calm in the house, remember to give him plenty of exercise (like taking long walks, play with him in the backyard, etc) before allowing him into the house.
To train your dog to remain calm in the house:
1. Put him on a leash every time you let your dog into the house.
2. Slowly walk him through the house.
3. Reward your dog with treats when he remains calm as he walks around in the house with you
4. After the initial tour around, bring him to a well-trafficked area and safely tie him to a suitable object.
5. Give him a comfortable pad to lie on, a toy to play with and treats to reward when he is quiet.
6. Give him extra rewards when your dog remains calm even there are something exciting happening around him, eg seeing a cat walking by, etc.
Remember to avoid inappropriately rewarding your dog for undesired behaviour. For example, when he starts to run wildly in the house, do not start chasing after him. Your dog may start to think that “this is FUN as my owner is chasing after me and playing with me when I enter the house”.
If your dog cannot remain calm in the house, or you cannot calm him down after he gets excited, simply take him back to the backyard.
With consistency and patience, you can teach your dog the appropriate manner and behaviour whenever he gets to go into the house.

And remember to praise your dog abundantly when he does the right thing!

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